Israel has killed more than 33,000 Palestinians since October 2023 with bombings, shootings, and deliberate starvation. The UN reported on April 15 that more than 14,500 Palestinian children have been killed by Israel in the last six months. Since October, Israel has killed 203 aid workers and 95 journalists. These are the most killings of aid workers and journalists ever recorded by a single country since global tracking began. Please consider donating to Doctors Without Borders (MSF), whose humanitarian workers are doing everything they can to save lives despite having 5 of their own killed by the IDF since the genocide started.

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I started Blurred Bylines in late 2016 because I needed a space to write about the issues I felt were important during that election year. And while this organization has expanded to offer SEO services for businesses and nonprofits, the real heart of BB is found in these stories. 

You’ll notice there are no 3rd-party advertising sources or reading restrictions of any kind, such as a paywall, on these articles. The goals of the stories you read here are to be well-sourced, accurate pieces of information designed to outrank lower-quality sources that may feature misleading or even outright misinformation. My intention is to offer empathy and historical context to these topics in an online ecosystem that rarely rewards such coverage.

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