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In a digital ecosystem where social media posts are just a quick flash of visibility then scrolled past into obscurity, SEO operates differently. Search engine optimization is a long-term effort that produces long-term results. This work builds online engagement through organic rankings to produce human-made traffic, stronger conversions, and measurable growth for your business, nonprofit, publication, or organization. 

SEO services by Shari Rose and Murdock the dog

Good SEO = Trustworthy, Helpful Content + Well-Optimized Websites

At its core, SEO is a blend of content strategy and technical improvements that work together to rank a website based on the keywords its target audience is searching for. SEO is not pay-per-click ads, whose visibility vanishes as soon as the money dries up. And it’s not social media either, whose posts have an average lifespan of anywhere from 48 hours to just 15 minutes.

SEO works to produce evergreen website pages that provide relevant and helpful content that continues to attract new users for months, even years, after it was initially published. To have work that steadily performs for your business with little maintenance is unlike much else on the internet.

SEO Audit

Technical SEO factors such as indexation determine whether a website can even rank in search engines in the first place. To uncover hidden issues like failed indexation, broken pages, missing metadata, and status code errors, I perform comprehensive SEO audits that catch a wide range of issues and provide recommendations for fixes.   

Keyword Research

Do you know what specific words your audience uses to search for your products, services, or cause on the internet? Keyword research offers an in-depth look into the ranking opportunities unique to your website, industry, and competition. This data then allows us to build new content strategies to edge out your competitors and reach new visitors. 

Content Optimization

How does your existing content perform from an SEO perspective, and where are the opportunities for improvement? My content optimization services analyze how your site’s pages currently rank and include recommendations for strengthening on-page SEO.

Writing Packages

Well-crafted content drives organic traffic, improves rankings for crucial keywords, and directs the right users toward your site. Regardless of industry, business size, or local markets, just about any organization benefits from strong writing on their website. 

SEO for Agencies

As a former digital marketer, I understand the needs and challenges of a marketing agency. For organizations that need a helping hand with monthly client work or ongoing projects, I’m available to perform SEO work wherever needed. Common tasks I work on for marketing agencies are content refreshes, keyword research, and writing projects.

Monthly SEO Packages

Any business or nonprofit is welcome to request a single service a la carte, but SEO is most powerful when it is performed on a consistent, monthly basis. I strongly recommend to all organizations that are serious about expanding their reach in Google and Bing to opt for a monthly SEO package over a one-time project. Each package offered at Blurred Bylines includes technical audits and keyword research in addition to a wider scope of SEO work that addresses all areas of a website to increase rankings, grow traffic, and attract higher-quality conversions on a larger scale. 

Localization Package

For smaller, typically service-based businesses looking to attract more customers in their local market.

Local keyword research

Technical SEO audit & on-site implementation

Monthly on-page optimization

Individualized monthly SEO strategies

Google Search Console & GA4 account creation

Monthly reporting



Growth Package

*Recommended – includes content writing and competitor research. For small and medium-sized businesses looking to expand in their region, including secondary markets.

Local & national keyword research

Technical SEO audit & on-site implementation

Monthly on-page optimization

Individualized monthly SEO strategies

Google Search Console & GA4 account creation

Monthly reporting

Competitor research

One new content piece each month



Dynamic Package

For medium to large-sized businesses to aggressively pursue SEO services and expand reach in target markets or nationally. Generally reserved for websites with 100+ pages.

Local & national keyword research

Technical SEO audit & on-site implementation

Monthly on-page optimization

Individualized monthly SEO strategies

Google Search Console & GA4 account creation

Monthly reporting

Competitor research

Two new content pieces each month



Testimonial from a SEO client
Testimonial from a SEO client

One of the most important assets Shari brings to the table is her ability to break down complex SEO concepts into clear and understandable strategies that are implemented for my business. With her valuable guidance, I’m optimistic about growing my sleep training business. Thank you, Shari, for your invaluable support!

Evi Kantor

Her strategic brilliance and dedication to staying ahead of industry trends have significantly elevated our clients’ online presence and discoverability. What sets Shari apart is her holistic approach from the technical and the creative to cover all bases. Shari’s seamless collaboration, effective communication, and commitment to results make her an indispensable asset to any team.

Nicole Wang

Values at BB

Intentional Work, Not Just Checking a Box

Whether it’s to strengthen an ongoing strategy, target a new audience, or explore different keyword opportunities, every bit of work is done to support your specific business goals.

More Authenticity, Less Marketing Jargon

Great work translates to great results. In SEO, there are no shortcuts or effective ways of tricking Google. It isn’t marketing mumbo jumbo – it’s just hard work, done consistently over time.

Transparency with Honest Results

When you hire me for SEO services, you’ll know everything I worked on that month and can see that work yourself. Plus, if I find that something’s not working, I’ll let you know. And we’ll adjust our strategy.

Make the Internet a More Useful Place

A keyword-stuffed blog that was only written to rank in SERPs is useless to humans and bad for business. My SEO strategies seek to provide real value to clients through useful, helpful content that also ranks well.

Owner of Blurred Bylines

About Shari Rose

As a SEO professional, I’ve helped businesses of all sizes actually grow their bottom line through organic search – not just send content into the digital abyss with the hopes that someone reads it. 

I’ve spent the last 7 years working in the SEO industry, and a lot has changed. The introduction of AI into search engines and the large-scale adoption of AI-generated content tools like ChatGPT has had seismic impacts on the industry.

You can bet I’m staying on top of these changes for the sake of my client’s websites as well as my own. While AI can be useful in some cases, I prefer to avoid this technology in my SEO work where possible, and I don’t outsource SEO projects to other freelancers either. Following best practices, such as aligning ourselves with E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) is what drives long-term, scalable growth in search.

SEO services by consultant Shari Rose
SEO case study results for organic traffic

Real SEO Results

SEO Case Studies

Check out SEO case studies from current and past clients who come from a wide range of industries, business sizes, and local markets. These case studies dive into the unique issues their websites dealt with, the strategies I used to turn their metrics around, and the actual SEO results they gained in both traffic and keyword rankings.



How Long Does SEO Take?

There are many factors that determine how long it will take for measurable SEO results to appear. Some of these include the unique competition your site faces, current content performance, the technical health of your site and the specific SEO strategies applied to your site. Generally speaking, the more SEO work completed each month, the quicker results appear.

As a rule of thumb, SEO efforts can take about 2 – 4 months to start showing their effects in terms of increased traffic and improved rankings. This timeline only reflects when results will begin appearing, not how long they’ll continue to perform in search engine results after the initial adjustment period. 

For example, here is 6 months’ worth of data for a new page I’d written for BB in 2023. After I published it, I did not make any edits and let it be. Notice how the first month or so presents fairly slow growth, then both average keyword position and clicks pick up as time goes on. Today, this page provides consistent organic traffic for my site – and I still have made zero edits to it. 

This is a fairly common pattern of SEO results when utilizing powerful writing and research-backed optimization techniques for websites with a strong history of following best practices.

Google search console data showing how long SEO takes

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