Amid its ongoing starvation campaign in Gaza, Israel is continuing to carpet bomb Palestinian families in refugee camps, schools, homes, and hospitals, while forcing hundreds of thousands to flee for their lives in the world’s largest open-air prison.

The Lancet, a peer-reviewed medical journal and one of the highest-impact academic journals in the world, estimates that Israel has killed more than 186,000 Palestinians since October 2023. Its July 5th study found the actual death toll is far higher than 38,000 because the UN’s death toll does not account for the thousands of bodies still buried under rubble, nor does it account for deaths caused by Israel’s destruction of health facilities and food distribution systems in Gaza.

As part of its genocide efforts, Israel has also falsely accused UNRWA’s employees of terrorism and killed more than 197 of its aid workers. Israel has never provided proof of its terror claims, and a massive international investigation on April 22 found no evidence of terrorism with UNRWA workers

Please consider giving to this vital UN aid agency, especially as the U.S. continues to fund Israel’s genocide – no matter how many “red lines” it crosses.

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Amanda Chase: VA Lawmaker at Pro-Trump Capitol Attack Jan. 6


VA Sen. Amanda Chase with pro-Trump group on Jan. 6 in DC.

Virginia state Sen. Amanda Chase poses with pro-Trump demonstrators in Washington, D.C. hours before a mob attacked the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. (Facebook: Chase4Senate)

January 10, 2021 ~ By Shari Rose

Amanda Chase Statements & Actions on January 6 in D.C.

On the day of the Capitol mob attack, Virginia state Senator Amanda Chase gave a speech at the Stop the Steal event in the morning. She began her comments by lauding the right to bear arms: 

“The Second Amendment is the foundation of all of our other freedoms. Without the second Amendment, we have nothing…”

Amanda Chase speech on Jan 6 Stop the Steal at DC Capitol.

Amanda Chase speaks to a pro-Trump crowd at the Stop the Steal rally near the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. Among other false claims in this video, she contends the 2020 presidential election results are fraudulent. (Facebook: Chase4Senate)

Chase then praised the pro-Trump crowd for showing up to the Capitol and told them the election was being stolen:

“We are here to be a sign of encouragement to the U.S. senators and members of Congress that have to make a very important decision today. We are asking them to openly contest this election which we know was stolen from the people of the United States of America. We know this election was fraudulent and they have stolen the vote.”

During the day, Chase posted dozens of photos of herself posing with right-wing demonstrators at the Capitol, many of whom wore bullet-proof vests, carried weapons, and had walkie-talkies with them. Chase then published a Facebook post where she writes, “This was not a fair, free election. We don’t believe the lies, deception and complete stealing of this year’s 2020 Presidential Election.” 

Over the next couple hours, a pro-Trump mob attacked the Capitol building and attempted to stop U.S. senators from fulfilling the democratic process and confirming Joe Biden as president. Five people died, including one Capitol police officer. Multiple pipe bombs were found left by the mob. 

Amanda Chase on Facebook Live in DC.

Amanda Chase shares a livestream on Facebook after speaking with the pro-Trump crowd in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021. (Facebook: Chase4Senate)

Later that night, Amanda Chase released a Facebook Live video on her campaign account in which she seems to praise the insurrectionists in DC: 

“I want to thank everyone who came out today to support our president … I too believe that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.” 

She continued to refer to the mob that stormed the Capitol as “patriots” in the video, and even defended the earlier subversion of democracy: “We have every right to resist, and resist we did.”   

Chase continues to contend in the video that she attended a “peaceful rally” in D.C. Finally, she ends with a statement that can only be described as pro-insurrection: “I’m telling you, when you back the people of Virginia and across the United States of America into a corner, you will end up with a revolution. And I believe that’s what you’re starting to see.”  

With videos like these, Amanda Chase appears to not only support an attempted coup against the United States, but is doubling down on violent and incendiary rhetoric in favor of a presidential candidate who lost the election two months ago. 

Chase Shares Inflammatory Posts & Conspiracy Theories on Social Media

Amanda Chase poses with pro-Trump demonstrators at Capitol on Jan 6.

Amanda Chase poses with pro-Trump demonstrators wearing black bulletproof vests with walkie-talkies near the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021. (Facebook: Chase4Senate)

In the days that followed the mob violence, Chase continued to triple down on conspiracy theories revolving around a stolen election, as well an overall refusal to accept reality. On January 7, she blamed Antifa for the DC violence on her Facebook page. The same day, she wrote: “The revolution begins now. Patriots, it’s time to step up.” Soon after, Facebook suspended Amanda Chase’s account for 60 days. 

On January 10, she falsely claimed on Twitter that Democrats were actually responsible for the pro-Trump mob violence at the Capitol. She went further, falsely asserting that “the only insurrection going on in this country is the steal of the 2020 Presidential Election by the Democratic Party who has sold out to our enemies.” 

Amanda Chase flyer on routes to take for Capitol march.

On January 5, Amanda Chase shares information on Facebook about routes to Washington, D.C. for the following day’s rallies near the Capitol. (Facebook: Chase4Senate)

Volatile rhetoric does nothing to prevent more violence, but Chase has a history of making these kinds of statements. She has routinely defended the use of the Confederate flag, once spread a conspiracy theory that rioters were coming to attack white people in Chesterfield County, and told her constituents that Antifa was coming to attack shopping centers in June 2020, all of which never happened.  

And back in December 2020, Sen. Amanda Chase called on Donald Trump to declare martial law so that he could remain in power and subvert the democratic process. One day before the Capitol riot, she shared multiple images of a “MAGA Rally Map Guide” and DC routes that showed supporters where to march to the Capitol building. In one of the posts, she asks her followers if “Democrats will get away with committing treason?” on January 6. 

Calls for Amanda Chase to Resign After Pro-Trump Capitol Riot

On January 8, Virginia Senate Democrats denounced Chase’s statements at the Capitol and officially called for resignation:

“For someone who defends herself and the insurrectionists she calls ‘patriots’ with the Constitution, she either willfully or unwittingly doesn’t understand what her sworn oath to defend it actually means. She has unequivocally committed insurrection, and the Fourteenth Amendment to that same Constitution charges us with the responsibility of holding her accountable.”

Additionally, the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce released a statement on January 8 that calls for Chase’s resignation: “Sen. Chase poses a clear threat to the commonwealth and should step down immediately.”

In an interview with Virginia Business the same day, Amanda Chase said that she “will absolutely not resign.” She says that she does not approve of the violence, but added that it was done by “desperate people because their voices weren’t being heard.”

Amanda Chase says election is stolen on FB on Jan. 6.

Amanda Chase falsely claims the election was stolen by Democrats in a Facebook post on January 6, 2021. (Facebook: Chase4Senate)

Typically, an elected official who fails to denounce open calls for violence and insurrection against the United States has failed to uphold their oath to the Constitution. Time will tell if Virginia lawmakers will acknowledge the significance of that oath in regard to the actions of their colleague. 

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