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Keyword Research

When we use search engines, we choose keywords that help us find the information we need. Search engine crawlers also use keywords to understand the written content of websites and how to rank them accordingly. Keyword research tells us precisely how your ideal users search for your services, products, or cause. This data shows where the ranking opportunities are hiding, and how to edge out your competition in search.

Keyword research services for businesses

Discover the keywords your audience uses to search for you

Keyword research gives us critical insight into the specific words your audience uses, how popular those searches are, and how difficult they are to rank for. Using this data, we can then make decisions about new content strategies, form content calendars, and make well-informed plans for future projects.  

This research is so important for discovering new keywords that relate to your website, your industry, and your online competition. Keyword research is strongly recommended for all businesses who don’t have this data already because it serves as an essential roadmap for crafting new pages, as well as how to properly optimize existing content.


What’s Included in Keyword Research

As part of this keyword research service, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that dives into this data and provides actionable information we can use to strengthen your site’s on-page SEO performance. My priority with keyword research is to give you actionable, useful data that you can rely on to electrify future content writing projects, support on-page optimization of existing pages, and highlight ranking opportunities that your competitors have missed.


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With 7 years of experience in SEO and over a decade of professional writing experience, I know how content and SEO work together to produce quality traffic and conversions for all kinds of organizations and industries. Keywords are an important piece of the search engine puzzle, and optimizing for the searches pays dividends in the form of stronger traffic, higher rankings, and improved conversions. 

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