Amid its ongoing starvation campaign in Gaza, Israel is continuing to carpet bomb Palestinian families in refugee camps, schools, homes, and hospitals, while forcing hundreds of thousands to flee for their lives in the world’s largest open-air prison.

The Lancet, a peer-reviewed medical journal and one of the highest-impact academic journals in the world, estimates that Israel has killed more than 186,000 Palestinians since October 2023. Its July 5th study found the actual death toll is far higher than 38,000 because the UN’s death toll does not account for the thousands of bodies still buried under rubble, nor does it account for deaths caused by Israel’s destruction of health facilities and food distribution systems in Gaza.

As part of its genocide efforts, Israel has also falsely accused UNRWA’s employees of terrorism and killed more than 197 of its aid workers. Israel has never provided proof of its terror claims, and a massive international investigation on April 22 found no evidence of terrorism with UNRWA workers

Please consider giving to this vital UN aid agency, especially as the U.S. continues to fund Israel’s genocide – no matter how many “red lines” it crosses.

SEO That Reaches Beyond Rankings

Chances are, you found this website through a search engine. Blurred Bylines uses search engine optimization (SEO) for a bigger purpose than simply boosting traffic. 

SEO can offer real value by providing highly sourced, accessible information online that sparks action. For the businesses I work for, an action can take the form of a customer reaching out for a quote or buying a product. For nonprofits, this may be a new donation or a signup for volunteer work. And for the stories at Blurred Bylines, SEO is about producing deeply researched and empathetic articles that explore people, events, and trends in the U.S. which typically receive less mainstream coverage.

SEO finds the people who are searching for what you offer

We all search for services, products, causes, people, and events online. A universal way we do this is through a search engine like Google or Bing. Unlike short-lived social media posts, SEO is an evergreen, long-term strategy that provides digital exposure and engages a new source of highly relevant visitors with your site. Search engine optimization lets us to push back against an often frustrating system that typically rewards endless scrolling with more forgettable content to scroll past.

For businesses, nonprofits, and digital publications, SEO helps them find the people who are looking for exactly what they have to offer. At Blurred Bylines, there are two central pieces: socially conscious SEO services for those who want to expand their online reach in search engine result pages, and long-form stories about a wide range of issues that rank organically. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services

Good SEO serves people first, algorithms second. I perform white-hat SEO services for businesses, nonprofits, and digital publications that identify your target audience and reach them with strong content writing and technical optimization. There’s measureable, tangible value in connecting with relevant users through search engines, and I help organizations grow by attracting those people to their sites. 

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SEO Audits

SEO audits dive into your website’s individual urls and tech specs to uncover technical issues and provide in-depth recommendations for how to optimize your site for search.

Keyword Research

Keyword research gives us critical insight into the specific words your audience uses when searching for you, and how lucrative these keywords really are.

Content Optimization

Content optimization services uncover how Google interprets your site’s pages to find opportunities to rank for more relevant keywords that your competition fails to target.

Writing Packages

From blog posts to service pages, highly researched articles to location pages, well-crafted written copy is the foundation of just about any successful website in search.

SEO for Agencies

For marketing agencies who need a helping hand with ongoing client work, I’m happy to provide SEO services however they are required for the agency’s unique needs. 



About Shari Rose

I started Blurred Bylines in late 2016 as a writer. At the time, I was working as a newspaper copy editor and wanted a space to host my own writing as the events of that election year unfolded. As I published more stories, I learned about SEO and began to recognize how search engines could grow my audience to numbers I’d thought to be out of my reach. 

With 7 years of experience in SEO and over a decade of professional writing experience, I’ve seen firsthand how powerful search engine optimization is for those who wish to become a voice in their industry and expand their organization. Unlike social media or pay-per-click ads, SEO efforts have long-term implications, meaning the work we do now can continue to perform for months and years after it was initially completed. To see those results for yourself, check out SEO case studies from current and past clients.

I believe SEO can be a force for good when it’s done right. It builds a foundation of enduring online visibility, quality traffic, and predictable conversion rates, regardless of industry or organizational structure. As a writer, I’ve built my audience almost entirely through search engines, and I’ll help you find yours too. 

Client review about SEO work
Client review about SEO work

I absolutely love working with Shari. We’ve worked together on several brand accounts for a few years now and she’s always on-time with her deliverables, highly communicative and provides high-quality SEO work that yields positive results. This year, she helped us refresh dozens of blogs for a well-known dog food company that increased traffic by nearly 450% year over year.

Fable McDonald

Shari is an exceptional SEO specialist partner I have been working with for 2+ years (or is it 3? I’ve lost track…). Her strategic brilliance and dedication to staying ahead of industry trends have significantly elevated our clients’ online presence and discoverability. What sets Shari apart is her holistic approach from the technical and the creative to cover all bases.

Nicole Wang

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Real SEO Results

SEO Case Studies

Don’t just take their word for it – take a look at SEO case studies from current and former clients who come from a diverse mix of industries, local markets, backgrounds, and business sizes. These case studies explore the challenges their websites faced, the SEO strategies I used to turn their metrics around, and the massive gains they achieved in both traffic growth and new keyword rankings. 


Stories at Blurred Bylines

The stories I write on Blurred Bylines often focus on marginalized communities where mainstream coverage can be minimal. These articles typically spotlight individuals who are fighting against systemic oppression or an egregious injustice, survivors of violent crime who have rebuilt their lives after the unthinkable, forgotten figures in American history, and volatile laws that seek to eliminate rights and criminalize people for being who they are.

Long-form stories written by Shari Rose

No 3rd-Party Advertising, No Paywalls Either

At Blurred Bylines, there are no third-party ad servers on the stories you read here. No annoying pop-up ads, video advertising, or paywalls either. The purpose of the articles here is simple: provide well-sourced, trustworthy pieces of information that anyone with an internet connection can access, no strings attached.

High-quality search engine results have the ability to genuinely help people learn about an idea, person, trend, or historical event. In this way, I think SEO can even be a public good. But search engines need to produce the best information possible because, for better or worse, the whole world relies on online search to figure out just about anything.

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