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When Martha Mitchell Was Right About Watergate

Martha “The Mouth” Mitchell was always talking – until the Nixon administration silenced her in the direct aftermath of the Watergate burglary

Martha Mitchell at a press conference in 1973

About Blurred Bylines

Blurred Bylines is an effort to bring to light some of those perspectives that deserve their place in the public conscience. Unfortunately, a 24-hour media culture doesn’t allow for revisiting and re-assessing. And this isn’t something that gets better on its own. We have to fight to bring to the surface new ideas and points of view. 

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When the voices of entire communities, cultures and genders are rendered unimportant and ignored, lost in history and the present, it’s hard to not be angry. Our voices may just be one in millions of millions. But it’s when that same message gets said by millions of different people, that it starts to break through the cacophony.

Those perspectives have value and they should be shared. That progress deserves to be covered. And it’s up to us to ensure that happens. Keep reading about Blurred Bylines.



Ellen Halbert’s Survival & Fight for Restorative Justice

After surviving an attack in 1986, Ellen Halbert worked with survivors of violent crime and became an advocate for restorative justice in Texas.

Prison Gerrymandering Is A Modern 3/5 Compromise

Prison gerrymandering uses the disproportionate incarceration of Blacks and Latinos to bolster political power of mostly rural, Republican-controlled voting districts.

When Martha Mitchell Was Right About Watergate

Martha Mitchell quickly became a household name during Richard Nixon’s presidency due to her inflammatory public statements and ability to produce an electrifying story for the press. As the wife of John Mitchell, U.S. attorney general and eventual head of CREEP, Martha relished her close ties with some of the Republican party’s biggest stars in Washington. However, in the immediate aftermath of the Watergate break-in, Mitchell’s insider knowledge threatened Nixon to his core. In an effort to cover-up the White House’s involvement in Watergate, the Nixon administration waged an all-out war against her credibility – and it worked.

Esther Jones: Betty Boop’s Original Influence

“Baby Esther” Jones was an international star known for captivating audiences with her signature “boop-oop-a-doop” singing style. But as a Black child in Jim Crow-era America, Jones’ legacy was forced into obscurity, lost to a white singer who copied her style and claimed it as her own. This is the story of Betty Boop’s original influence, and star in her own right, the incredible Esther Jones.

The Anti-Filipino Watsonville Riots of 1930 in California

During the Watsonville Riots of 1930, hundreds of white men attacked Filipino farmworkers in a series of nightly assaults that ended when a young Filipino man was killed. Nativist and xenophobic attitudes against Asians, and Filipinos in particular, hit a fever pitch in California as working class whites felt threatened by an influx of immigration.

George Washington’s Fight for Smallpox Inoculation in the Revolutionary War

During the Revolutionary War in 1775, a smallpox epidemic ravaged Boston and thousands of soldiers serving in the Continental Army. George Washington understood first-hand the dangers of smallpox, and formulated a plan to protect his troops from the virus. He strongly advocated for smallpox inoculations, or vaccinations, for his men.

How Constance Kopp Became First Female Sheriff’s Deputy

After facing anonymous threats in the mail in 1914, Constance Kopp worked to uncover the man responsible. Soon, she began to solve crimes.

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*Side Note: If you expected this website to be about Blurred Lines, the music video of fully clothed men “dancing” with naked women and a very blurry understanding of how consent works, thanks for making it this far.