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There’s a lot going on and even more to miss. More importantly, there’s a lot of voices to miss. Blurred Bylines is an effort to bring to light some of those perspectives that deserve their place in the public conscience. Unfortunately, a 24-hour media culture doesn’t allow for revisiting and re-assessing. And this isn’t something that gets better on its own. We have to fight to bring to the surface new ideas and points of view. 

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When the voices of entire communities, cultures and genders are rendered unimportant and ignored, lost in history and the present, it’s hard to not be angry. Our voices may just be one in millions of millions. But it’s when that same message gets said by millions of different people, that it starts to break through the cacophony.

Those perspectives have value and they should be shared. That progress deserves to be covered. And it’s up to us to ensure that happens. Keep reading about Blurred Bylines.



How School Portables Became Permanent Classrooms

Once temporary, portable classrooms are permanent fixtures in schools across the U.S. What are their effects on students’ health and academic achievement?

Sadie Roberts-Joseph: Remembering Miss Sadie

Sadie Roberts-Joseph was a beloved community activist in Baton Rouge who founded the city’s only African American museum.

Whitewashing In Hollywood: 2000 – 2019

Taking a more in-depth look at whitewashed movies of the 2000s, from Pay It Forward to Aloha, The Dark Knight Rises to Dr. Strange, and everything in between.

How To Find LGBTQ Friends & Your Own Community

Trying to connect with other LGBTQ+ people in the area but struggling to find friends or a community to belong to? Here are our tips for meeting new gay friends.

First Laugh Ceremony: Joyful Navajo Celebration of Family

The Navajo, or Diné, believe that newborn babies first reside in the world of Diyin Diné, the Holy People, before they are ready to join their earthly families. Tradition holds that a baby’s first laugh signals his or her transcendence from the spirit world. A First Laugh Ceremony, known as A’wee Chi’deedloh, is a joyous family party that celebrates and welcomes this new baby to the family.

Silence = Death: The AIDS Crisis Was So Much Worse Than We Talk About

It’s easy to forget that the AIDS crisis hit its peak 25 years ago. From 1981 to 2000, more Americans died of AIDS than American deaths in World War II. You wouldn’t know that from the way AIDS is poked fun at in the last decade.

Tenochtitlan: A Feat of Aztec Architecture & Agriculture

The Aztec city of Tenochtitlan was at the height of its power when Hernan Cortes stepped foot on shore. Founded in 1325, Tenochtitlan was a hub of agricultural and architectural innovation, enjoying technological advancements unheard of in most other civilizations.

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*Side Note: If you expected this website to be about Blurred Lines, the music video of fully clothed men “dancing” with naked women and a very blurry understanding of how consent works, thanks for making it this far.