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There’s a lot going on and even more to miss. More importantly, there’s a lot of voices to miss. Blurred Bylines is an effort to bring to light some of those perspectives that deserve their place in the public conscience. Unfortunately, a 24-hour media culture doesn’t allow for revisiting and re-assessing. And this isn’t something that gets better on its own. We have to fight to bring to the surface new ideas and points of view. 

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When the voices of entire communities, cultures and genders are rendered unimportant and ignored, lost in history and the present, it’s hard to not be angry. Our voices may just be one in millions of millions. But it’s when that same message gets said by millions of different people, that it starts to break through the cacophony.

Those perspectives have value and they should be shared. That progress deserves to be covered. And it’s up to us to ensure that happens. Keep reading about Blurred Bylines.



5 Women Who Survived Serial Killers & Led To Their Capture

From Cindy Paulson to Susan Kuhnhausen, Mary Vincent to Whitney Bennett, these survivors of killers fought for their lives. Here are their stories of survival.

How African Slaves Hid Rice Seeds In Their Hair & Transformed the Colonial Economy

Through hiding rice seeds in their hair, West African slaves and their Maroon descendants forever altered the course of European colonialism in the Americas.

Coronavirus Vs Swine Flu: Comparing Trump & Obama Responses to Pandemic – PT 2

Part 2 of this series examines the words and actions of the Trump and Obama administrations, Week 6 through Week 10 of swine flu and coronavirus in the U.S.

COVID-19 Vs H1N1: A Comparison of Trump’s & Obama’s Responses to Pandemic

During the presidencies of Donald Trump and Barack Obama, global pandemics enveloped the world and affected the everyday lives of Americans from coast to coast. We compare the administrations’ responses to COVID-19 (coronavirus) and H1N1 (swine flu), week by week.

What Asian Countries Get Right About Coronavirus – And The U.S. Doesn’t

As the early signs of coronavirus hit the globe, some countries, like Vietnam and South Korea, sprang into action. Others, like the U.S., did not, opting to ignore available testing kits and refusing to acknowledge the seriousness of COVID-19 for weeks in an effort to minimize the impact on an upcoming election.  

The Power of a Spinster

At their core, spinsters, also called old maids, were professional-minded women who rejected the expectations set forth by Progressive Era society.

How School Portables Became Permanent Classrooms

Once temporary solutions, portable classrooms are permanent fixtures in schools across the U.S. today. Do any laws affect them, and what are their potential effects on students’ health and academic success?

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*Side Note: If you expected this website to be about Blurred Lines, the music video of fully clothed men “dancing” with naked women and a very blurry understanding of how consent works, thanks for making it this far.