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My name is Shari Rose and I created Blurred Bylines in an effort to surface marginalized perspectives and experiences that can slip below the radar. Blurred Bylines provides long-form posts about American history and politics with an emphasis on justice, race, gender, and triumphs of the human spirit. 

As this country continues to undergo massive social, political, and cultural changes, many of which put American democracy itself on the line, it can be easy to forget how we got here. But the history of the United States often informs what our future holds. 

Shari Rose, SEO freelancer at Blurred BylinesThat’s why I try to share stories of individuals who went up against the racist, sexist, homophobic, and abelist structures that sought to keep them disenfranchised. They fought for the right to achieve an American Dream that’s typically just reserved for the powerful, despite what our history textbooks told us. 

The stories I write usually involve individuals or social movements that are uniquely American in their struggles, triumphs, and challenges. And many have had their histories erased over the ensuing generations that favor keeping the powerful comfortable. But in spite a long history of efforts to paralyze, silence, and dismantle growing social progress movements in America, those in power can’t help but notice that progress pushes back. 

Sure, my voice is just one in millions of millions. But when the same ideas are repeated by millions more, real change starts to break through the noise. And if I have the ability to help raise those voices and perspectives to a wider audience through Blurred Bylines, I’m going to keep doing that. 

Progress doesn’t march in a straight line, but it’s relentless all the same.

About Shari Rose

I graduated with a degree in journalism, but quickly took to search engine optimization (SEO) after working for different newspapers. I provide freelance SEO services to businesses and nonprofits alike who are looking to improve their sites’ performance in search. I was born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area, and lived in a handful of different states before returning to California. Sometimes I play guitar, but not well enough to play for anyone but my dog. 

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Shari Rose

Shari Rose

Owner of Blurred Bylines

Shari Rose created Blurred Bylines to help bring stories from marginalized perspectives and experiences into the national conversation. A former journalist and current freelance SEO specialist, she does her best to combine both in her stories at BB. The articles she writes typically involve individuals or social movements that are uniquely American in their struggles, triumphs, and challenges. 💖💜💙✊🏼