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About Blurred Bylines By Shari Rose


Images of a typewriter and megaphone by Shari Rose.

With all that’s going on, there is a lot to miss. More importantly, there are so many voices to miss. America is undergoing massive social, political, economic, and cultural tremors, some positive and others horrific. 

When the experiences of entire communities, cultures, genders, races, and are cast aside in favor of the interests of the powerful, it’s hard to not be angry.

My name is Shari Rose and I created Blurred Bylines in an effort to surface some of those perspectives and experiences that often slip below the radar. Blurred Bylines publishes long-form posts about U.S. politics and American history with an emphasis on justice, race, and triumphs of the human spirit. 

Shari Rose at Blurred Bylines

Shari Rose, owner of Blurred Bylines.

As the steady stream of misinformation, lies, and a refusal to accept reality comes from the highest office in the land during global pandemic, America becomes a far more dangerous place to live. When the president cares more about appearing as a dictatorial strongman for photos than addressing racist policing tactics or the horrifying reality of 1,000 deaths a day, more Americans die needlessly. And when federal officers with no identification rush into the streets in unmarked vans and riot gear, kidnap activists off the street, and beat the living hell out of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters and journalists, democracy is failing. 

Sure, my voice is just one in millions of millions of millions. But when the same messages are repeated by millions more, new ideas start to break through the noise. And if I have the capacity to help raise those voices and perspectives in some way, then I should do that. There is just so much to know in a world that often doesn’t make much sense at all. But Blurred Bylines is an attempt to try.

Progress doesn’t march in a straight line, but it’s relentless all the same. 2020 can actually be a kind reminder of that, sometimes. And despite the Trump administration’s best efforts to disenfranchise, silence and dismantle growing social movements and ideas, those in power can’t help but notice that progress pushes back. 

About Shari Rose

After graduating with a degree in journalism, I had the chance to work for different newspapers in a few states and learn a lot. Ultimately, I decided to pursue search engine optimization (SEO) and freelance writing while still staying true to what I learned as a journalist. I was born and raised in southern California, where I currently reside. My big ol’ hound dog is usually by my side unless she’s somewhere sleeping, which is most of the time. 

There isn’t much I have to say about myself or BB other than what’s already on this page, and I figure most of my articles speak for themselves. The stories I write are sourced by trusted and well-established newspapers and news organizations, and I stand by what I write here. If you have a story idea you’d like to see covered here, feel free to send me a line

Blurred Bylines can be found on Facebook and Twitter, though I’ll be the first to admit that social media proficiency is not a skill I possess. It is what it is

Illustration of Shari Rose and her dog, Maggie.

Shari Rose

Shari Rose

Owner of Blurred Bylines

Shari Rose cares about a lot of things, so she writes about a lot of things. Born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area, she worked for newspapers in a few different states before pursuing search engine optimization (SEO) and freelance content writing. Her bloodhound is her muse. 

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