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The purpose of Women Running For Office Project is to explain and elevate the platforms of progressive candidates – many of whom are running for the first time – this upcoming 2018 election season. Search by state or candidate for information on where she stands on the issues, her professional background and why she’s running for office in the first place.

Daria Lohman is running for Arizona Senate District 23

Daria Lohman

Arizona District 23

Running for Arizona Senate

Heather Ross of Arizona is running for House of Representatives

Heather Ross

Arizona District 6

Running for U.S. House

Jackie Smith is running for Iowa Senate 7th District

Jackie Smith

Iowa District 7

Running for Iowa Senate

Paulette Jordan is running for Idaho governor

Paulette Jordan


Running for Idaho Governor

Lina Hidalgo is running for Harris County judge

Lina Hidalgo

Harris County, Texas

Running for Harris County Judge

Melanie Levesque is running for New Hampshire Senate 12th District

Melanie Levesque

New Hampshire District 12

Running for New Hampshire Senate

Rebecca Rios is running for Arizona Senate 27th District

Rebecca Rios

Arizona District 27

Running for Arizona Senate

Rebecca Wininger is running for Encanto Justice of the Peace

Rebecca Wininger

Encanto Justice Precinct, Phoenix

Running for Encanto Justice of the Peace

For many of these candidates, media coverage is minimal (until they win) so I want to get their messages out there now so perhaps voters in those districts can read about some of the incredible women looking to represent them in November. Along with candidate positions on issues, you can find voter information for their respective states, including where to vote and what to bring with you on Election Day 2018.

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