Freelance SEO Services By Shari Rose


Freelance SEO Services by Shari Rose


A Freelance SEO Specialist To Electrify Your Organic Performance in Search

Ensuring that your website excels in organic search and attracts relevant, long-term traffic to your brand is a critical component in any successful digital marketing strategy. To build an online audience, your site must be as competitive as possible in search engine result pages – that’s where my freelance services come in. My search engine optimization (SEO) services are designed to bolster your site’s performance in organic search, attract the right search traffic to your website, and ultimately grow your business, organization, or nonprofit on the web. 

Content Optimization audits

Content Optimization

Quality content optimization of your site’s existing pages works to improve rankings for critical keywords, attract more search traffic from your ideal audience, and grow the organic presence of your website in search.  


SEO Technical Audit Services

SEO Technical Audits

As a site ages or undergoes structural changes, finding and fixing technical issues becomes increasingly important to its performance in organic search. I’ll uncover these opportunities in an audit and implement fixes to your site.  

Content Writing Services

SEO Content Writing

Quality written copy plays an integral role in any website’s successful performance in search. Well-optimized content pays dividends to your site’s organic growth over time, so my writing packages are geared toward producing tangible results in search.  


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Shari Rose

Shari Rose

Freelance SEO Specialist & Writer

Shari Rose is a former newspaper copy editor with 5 years experience in digital marketing.  With a passionate focus in search engine optimization (SEO) and content writing, her freelance services embrace the best of both worlds and provide a well-rounded approach in strengthening websites’ performances in organic search.