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An ineffective SEO content strategy can feel a bit like screaming into the internet abyss. You know your brand or company offers a product or service that is unlike anything else on the market. All you need to do is get the message out. Unfortunately the abyss remains unimpressed.  You carry on about your brand, products and services, but the abyss that is Google’s algorithm ensures your company stays in the dark.

Your business deserves a strong online presence. It’ll take excellent SEO content writing and an array of optimization techniques to consistently attract the right audience to your site. Google’s algorithm machine is ever-changing but one thing has remained consistent: good content writing is the backbone of a successful online brand. Content is king. It was true when Google first came into existence and it’s as true now.

Shari Rose from Blurred Bylines

As a former content marketer in the Portland metro area, I’ve performed content writing services for a wide range of industries, including law firms, local plumbers, business portfolio management, financial consulting, weight loss surgical centers, property developers and more.

From journalism to digital marketing

I graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. After interning at The Arizona Republic newspaper for a couple years, I took an internship at The Seattle Times before landing my first job at The Denver Post. I decided to enter the content marketing field because I’d have the creative freedom to write as my authentic self and work with digital tools previously unavailable to me. I currently work for a digital marketing agency in Southern California as a franchise SEO manager.

I enjoy SEO copywriting in particular because it requires both a creative and analytical approach. On the one hand, each content piece needs to be well-written and provides good information that the audience can actually use. That’s a given, of course. On the other hand, online content must please our Google overlords with proper search engine optimization tactics.

On top of all this, the effective website content must match the company’s brand and tone from the moment a new user enters the site to the final phase of the sales funnel where they complete a conversion. Beyond the improved search engine rankings that good SEO copywriting provides, it also demonstrates the value that the organization or company offers to potential clients or customers. Successful content writing ensures that your brand will be remembered positively after a user has exited the site.

SEO writing is that it’s writing for people and machines at the same time. It can be a fun challenge that pays major dividends over the long term if done right.

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