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Technical SEO Audit Service


Professional Technical SEO Audit Services From Experienced SEO Specialist

Technical SEO (search engine optimization) consists of fixing and optimizing both on-page and back-end elements of a website. The goal of technical audits is to find errors as well as opportunities for improvement across a wide array of specs to boost the health of a site and ultimately strengthen its rankings and traffic in organic search. My freelance SEO technical audit services are geared toward finding and fixing a wide range of issues on your site to lift its pages into higher rankings for keywords that matter to you and your business, nonprofit, or organization.

Improvements both big and small from a technical SEO standpoint can generate tremendous results in organic search. Ensuring that your site is healthy and operating as it should for both users and search engine crawlers is critical to securing a strong organic presence.  


How Technical SEO Audits Impact Site Performance

As a website ages or undergoes structural changes, discovering technical errors and unoptimized features alike becomes a more significant priority for a website’s overall SEO strategy. For example, if Google’s crawlers encounter multiple broken pages, oversized web images and redirect loops, they will have trouble properly indexing the site. And because Google is continues to place more emphasis on sites that have a “good page experience” into its algorithms, overall performance in organic search is increasingly tied to technical health. 

Good page experience from technical SEO

Example of a website with 100% of its urls having good page experience, according to Google. 


Site Elements I Catch and Fix in a Technical Audit

Curious about what I’m actually looking for in a technical SEO audit? Here are some of the most important issues I audit and fix: 

  • 404 and 500 Status Codes  
  • 301 Redirects
  • Page Indexation
  • Missing or Multiple H1’s
  • Missing Meta Titles
  • Oversized/Uncompressed Images
  • Missing Alt Text
  • Missing Canonicals
  • Missing Schema


Details About SEO Technical Audit Services

My SEO technical audit services are broken into two parts: an audit of your entire website and fix implementation to address the errors I’ve found:

  • Site Audit Report: During the audit process, I will take a deep dive into a wide range of elements and provide recommendations for improvements and fixes for your site’s pages. I will complete a Site Audit report that contains all this information and will send it to you to look over. If you are interested in making changes yourself, you have the option of just receiving the technical audit without any updates made to your website. I do not need access to your site with just the Site Audit report.
  • Fix Implementation & Report: In order to make the changes I’ve outlined in the Site Audit report, I will need access to your website. For example, if you have a WordPress site, I would need login information to make carry out fixes on your site’s pages. Once I’ve implemented the updates, I will send over a final Fix Implementation report to go over everything I’ve fixed or optimized.   


What to Expect From Me

Interested in receiving technical SEO audit services? Here’s what to expect, step by step:Technical SEO strategy

  1. Contact me: Reach out to me below or on my Contact page. Tell me a bit about your site, and which plan you are interested in. I’ll respond with a proposal. If you approve, I’ll send over a contract and short 4-question questionnaire to ensure that my technical audit services align well with the goals of your website. 
  2. Review and sign contract: As soon as I receive your electronic signature, a 25% deposit, and your answers to the questionnaire, I will begin working on your services. If you are receiving Fix Implementation from me along with the Site Audit report, I will also need login information for your website before work can begin. 
  3. Receive work: For websites with 100 internal pages or less, I will send you the Site Audit within two weeks of signing the contract and providing the materials listed in Step 2. For websites with 101-200 internal pages, that timeline adjusts to four weeks. If you have ordered an auditing report only, I’ll send an invoice as well. If you also ordered fix implementation, I will wait for your approval of the Site Audit report before making any changes to your website. You will receive an invoice along with the final Fix Implementation report when it’s ready. 
  4. Free consultation for 30 days: Once the project is paid in full, I provide a free consultation for 30 days after payment to go over the materials I’ve sent over and answer any questions you may have about the work completed. 


Contact Shari Rose To Inquire About SEO Technical Audit Services

Technical SEO works to help search engines understand your website and rank it better in search results. My technical audits are designed to uncover and fix issues that negatively impact your site’s SEO performance to bolster its overall presence in organic search for the long-term. I provide SEO technical audit services to sites built on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, and other commonly used web builders. 

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Shari Rose

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Shari Rose is a former newspaper copy editor with 5 years experience in digital marketing.  With a passionate focus in search engine optimization (SEO) and content writing, her freelance services embrace the best of both worlds and provide a well-rounded approach in strengthening websites’ performances in organic search.