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Freelance Content Optimization Service From SEO Specialist & Copy Editor

Content plays an incredibly important role in either supporting or hindering your website’s performance in organic search. The quality of a site’s written content, its keyword optimization, page structure, and other elements all contribute to how each page ranks in search engine result pages, and for which keywords. The goals of my content optimization services are to improve your site’s rankings, attract more traffic from your ideal audience, and ultimately expand the organic presence of your website on the internet. 

While adding new content to your site can be helpful, sometimes what websites really need is a professional content optimization of their existing pages. My optimization services are intended to improve the quality of your written content and lift those pages into higher rankings for the keywords that matter most to you and your business, organization, or nonprofit.

As a former copy editor and current search engine optimization (SEO) specialist working for businesses of all sizes, I have designed my freelance content optimization services to electrify your website’s organic performance across all search engines and provide long-term, tangible results that support the ultimate objectives of your site.  


Content Optimization Services For Your Website

GraphFrom data-driven keyword research to optimization of headings and metadata, my content optimization services take a deep dive into your website’s content to find and execute a wide range of valuable organic opportunities. Some elements I focus heavily on are keyword density, page structure (i.e. H1 and H2 tags), meta titles and meta descriptions, and internal linking opportunities. Furthermore, each page that I look at for these services will also receive a thorough copy edit to catch any grammatical errors and tighten up areas of the copy that can use a professional’s touch.  

Ensuring that each of these page components are fine-tuned and optimized can pay dividends for your site’s organic presence in search. By discovering what is working well for your content as well as what isn’t from an SEO perspective, I’ll work to elevate your web content to better address search intent and build traffic to your website from relevant audiences across the internet. 


Details About Content Optimization Services

My freelance content optimization services are broken into two parts: an audit of the pages and implementation fixes.

  • Page Audit Report: During the audit process, I will examine each page receiving content optimization services and provide recommendations for improvements on each page. All this information will be placed into a report that I’ll send directly to you. If you are interested in making the suggested changes yourself, you have the option of just receiving the audit. I do not need access to your website with only the Page Audit report.


  • Fix Implementation & Report: In order to perform the updates I’ve outlined in the Page Audit report, I will need access to your website. For example, if you have a WordPress site, I will need login information to be able to make changes to your pages. Once I’ve implemented the updates, I will send over a final report to cover everything I’ve changed on each page. 


What You Can Expect

Interested in content optimization services from me? Here’s what to expect, step by step:

  1. Contact me: Reach out to me below or on my Contact page. Tell me a little about your website, and which plan you are interested in. I’ll respond with a proposal. If you approve, I’ll send over a contract and short 4-question questionnaire to ensure that my content optimization services align well with the goals of your site. 
  2. Review and sign contract: As soon as I receive your electronic signature, a 25% deposit, and your answers to the questionnaire, I will begin working on your services. If you have ordered Fix Implementation from me, I will also need login information for your website before work can begin. 
  3. Receive auditing report: For orders of 10 optimized pages or less, I will send you the Page Audit report within two weeks of signing the contract and providing the materials listed in Step 2. Timelines are lengthened to four weeks with orders of 20 or more optimized pages. If you are receiving an auditing report only, I’ll send an invoice along with it. However, if you ordered Fix Implementation as well, I will wait for your approval of the Page Audit report before making any changes to your site. You will receive an invoice along with the finished Fix Implementation report. 
  4. Free consultation for 30 days: Once the project is paid in full, I provide a free consultation for 30 days to go over the report and answer any questions you may have about the work completed. 


Contact Shari Rose To Inquire About Content Optimization Services

Powerful, well-optimized content is the backbone of any successful website in organic search. My content optimization services are intended to propel your site into higher rankings so that you can break through the noise, grow traffic, and attract the right audience to your brand.  

You found me – I’ll help others find you.

Shari Rose

Shari Rose

Freelance SEO Specialist & Writer

Shari Rose is a former newspaper copy editor with 5 years experience in digital marketing.  With a passionate focus in search engine optimization (SEO) and content writing, her freelance services embrace the best of both worlds and provide a well-rounded approach in strengthening websites’ performances in organic search.